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"All I can strive to be is the absolute best possible version of myself."

Janet is a Real Estate Sales Representative with iPro Realty, a globally recognized real estate agency offering a comprehensive range of real estate services through a network of agents on an international scale. 

With an education in Computer Science, Janet continued to discover her niche in real estate, building nearly a decade of professional experience in her industry. Highly regarded for her Oakville and surrounding area expertise, Janet has developed a reputation for her patience and genuine compassion toward meeting the needs of her clients.

Nurturing her continued professional growth with the addition of each new sustainable relationship, Janet utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver excellence in customer service. She is passionate about taking pictures and always having a camera on hand to capture a special moment for her family, friends and clients. She states, "I love to use pictures to tell a story and I always use picture to create greeting cards for friends, family and clients for their special moment and special day so that they can keep it and remember it."

"My greatest accomplishments include helping 1st time buyers in Canada purchase their first house in Oakville with very limited down payment and making their dreams come true. I helped my first client – a mother who came to Canada first to work for 3 years  -with her 5k down payment and found a single house in Oakville for her family. At that time she was working 3 jobs at one time and so by finding her a new home for her and her family I made her dream come true.

Working with the family so closely, I became one of their family members. As such, when my client’s brother was looking to buy his 1st home, I was introduced to him as his realtor®.  Referring him to a mortgage broker, which I knew was very good, I was able to find a house for him and his wife with a much lower mortgage amount that they could afford. After negotiating a low mortgage interest rate for my client, they were able to rent out the extra room and ended up paying next to nothing for their mortgage. 

I always go the extra mile for my clients and enjoy helping them as if they were my own family. I always put myself in their shoes and think of their needs and wants when looking for a property. This is another reason that most of my business comes from referrals, which I love. I truly believe this works best and with helping each other we all grow stronger and better. Everyone benefits from this type of structure and it also promotes excellent service.

I am known in my office as Miss Keller because I always bring my smile to work with me and so the people around me can feel my happiness all the time. I remember one day when I rushed into a class one of the new salesperson turned her head back – looked at me and said “Janet is always happy whenever I see her”… People around me will change their mood to happiness, due to my positive attitude. (From what people told me) We choose to be happy every day, it’s our own decision." 

Couple.jpgThere are aspects of real estate sales that seem pretty simple. There are many elements of a smooth transaction, however, that are complicated and daunting. 

I can help you with every aspect of buying or selling your home because I’m experienced, because I’m professional . . .and because I care. 


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The relationship between a home buyer or seller and their agent is based on trust, shared goals and understanding.  I strive to continually improve and to do this I listen and take the needs and wants into consideration.

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